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"Real Kodak Endura professional photo paper and media  |  Exposed with light - never sprayed with ink."

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Kodak Endura photo paper media | Check the back for the Kodak Professional Endura watermark

Kodak Endura photo paper (Metallic and E surface) is a media  that is exposed with light and then developed in the classic silver halide process used by professional photo labs worldwide. 

Professional photo labs and their professional photographers provide this high quality advantage to keep customers loyal on a lasting basis.

True, photographic media is still far superior to the digital printing process which use inks or other press printing processes.  It's the benchmark by which all photo medias are judged.

Real Kodak Endura photo paper and media will have the words
"Kodak Professional Endura" watermarked into the back of your photograph. 

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of Kodak Endura Photo Papers
- Endura E Lustre Surface and Endura Metallic Digital Prints -
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for up to 200 Years

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Be sure and ask your professional photographer for "real Kodak Endura Photographs" for your photos and final prints.

Kodak Endura photo prints that appear as brilliant after generations as they do when we brought them home has been the goal since in the invention of color films in the 1930s. With the introduction of color negative films and color photographic prints in the early 1940s, pictures became widely displayed items in homes, offices, stores, and elsewhere. People expect those photos to last - with Kodak Endura photos and media, photographers know they will.

As always, because your photographs are exposed on real, Kodak Endura professional photo paper and developed by a professional lab, you'll be assured of the highest quality, dependability, and exceptional performance from your images.

When it comes to finding the right photographic print, real Kodak Endura photos and media are proven to yield the finest images for your proofs and final prints.  It's what families, brides, and anyone who uses a professional photographer  have come to expect - and more.  After all, silver halide-based color photographic paper has been around for more than five decades.

Want real, traditional photographic prints with a long life?  Kodak's professional ENDURA Papers set the standard for print longevity. Their tested light keeping is equivalent to 100+ years before noticeable fading occurs in typical home display, over 200 years in dark storage!

Kodak Endura photo paper & media is used exclusively by major professional photo labs worldwide.  By combining this quality Kodak professional paper with professional developing, you're assured of the very finest silver-halide photograph.

-Albert Einstein

"A photograph never grows old.  You and I change, people change all through the months and years but a photograph always remains the same.  How nice to look at a photograph of  mother or father taken many years ago.  You see them as you remember them.  But as people live on, they change completely.  That is why I think a photograph can be kind."



Listing of quality conscious types of professional photographers who use Kodak Endura E surface and Metallic Photo papers
Wedding Photographers Portrait Photographers High School Senior Photographers Youth Sports Photographers
Digital Youth Sports
Action Photographers
Event Photographers Endura Photo Book
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